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Ding Tai Fung (Xintiandi)

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Ding Tai Fung (Xintiandi)
Xintiandi, No 11A, 2/F, 123 Xingye Lu (near Madang Lu) 兴业路123弄新天地广场南座2楼 (近马当路)
200021 Shanghai
  • Category
    • Chinese
  • Opening
    • 10am-1am
  • Price
    • $$$

This is a cute place where you can find the best some pork shaomai crowned with prawns or the ‘Green Jiaozi’ filled with vermicelli, black mushrooms, bok choy and tofu of Shanghai. It was also named in 1993 among the best restaurants in the world by the New York Times. The braised beef noodle soup is a Taiwanese specialty: Ding Tai Fung does it so well; it would be a sin not to try it. But, ultimately, Ding Tai Fung’s incomparable ‘Xiao Long Bao’ (dumplings filled with anything from pork and rice to crab, prawns or mushrooms) will always win the day. Tucking into a plateful of these delicately steamed wonders is an experience you won’t forget for a long, long time.

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